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Gryphon Unlocker V2024.01.27 Free Download, Latest Version

Griffin-Unlocker is bringing the mobile unlocking community a very special present as we enter the new year: V2024.01.16! This most recent version is revolutionary as it brings in the first feature of its kind globally: [SAMSUNG FRP DIRECT IN MTP MODE] 🔥. By doing away with the requirement for EDL, credits, servers, or complicated codes like [#0#…etc.], this innovation improves user accessibility and streamlines the unlocking procedure. You may now unlock your Samsung device straight in MTP MODE, supporting all security patch levels, with only one click.

Gryphon Unlocker [Latest Version] V2024.01.27 - Hasan Techs

Gryphon Unlocker’s Features

Characteristic – Synopsis – Dongle and Box-Free

No need to spend extra money on hardware. Griffin-Unlocker doesn’t need a dongle or box to function. To conduct operations, just a USB cord and an account are required.

No-Cost Updates

Our committed staff extensively tests every model and function while working around the clock to develop innovative solutions. Take advantage of seamless operations and free, frequent updates.

Interface That’s Easy To Use

Griffin-Unlocker is a user-friendly graphical user interface that just needs one click to operate. It functions safely and effectively on Windows 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems because of its fast processing speed.

Expert Assistance

Reach out to our group of exceptional experts who are on hand 365 days a year to answer inquiries and offer assistance. You can depend on timely and competent assistance anytime you need it.

Network of Distributors and Resellers

Our network of distributors and resellers makes our software accessible to people all around the world. To ensure ease and confidence, they provide help and take a variety of payment ways, such as PayPal, USDT, and MoneyGram.

Community on Social Media

Become a transparent commenter by joining our Facebook community. Keep yourself informed about software updates and interact with other members who have finished procedures successfully.

What’s Fresh – Characteristic – Information

A version of Griffin-Unlocker – Released: V2024.01.16 🔥

For LG Models, Unlock Network [Unlock SIM] – 98+ LG models may be unlocked directly. ♡

Upgraded Qualcomm Protocol – Automatically Change Protocols ⚡

Better Open Menu FMI OFF Server for iCloud – Activated ⚡

Enhanced Kirin Operations for Huawei – Improved Procedure ⚡

enhanced GUI and MTK operations – Improved Procedure ⚡

First Release: LG Direct Unlock from General Main – LG The following models: LM-X420HM, LM-Q730MM, LM-K420YM, LM-K500QM6, LM-K500QM, LM-K500QM5, LM-K300QM5, LM-K300QM, LM-K300QM6,

LM-K300CMR, LM-K300MM, LM-K500MM, LM-K500TM, LM-Q630UM, LM-Q730TM, LM-Q730QM5, LM-Q730QM6, LM-Q730QM,

LM-Q730AM, LM-Q730AM4, EC211002, EC211001, EA211002, EC1002, LM-X420AS8, LM-X420AS, LM-K400AM,

LM-Q710FA, LM-Q710HS, LM-Q710YBW, LM-Q710YMW, X420AS8, X420AS, LM-X525EAW, LM-X525HA, LM-K300AM, LM-K400AM, X420AS8, X420AS,

Q710ZA, Q710ZM, Q710RA, Q710FM, Q710GX, Q710HSW, Q710NAW, Q710YAW, LM-X520EMW,

K510BMW, K510ZMW, K510EMW, K510HM, K510HMW, K520BMW, K520EMW, K520HMW, LM-X510EW,

LM-Q710EM, LM-X520HM, LM-X520ZMW, LM-X540BMW, LM-X540EMWm, LM-X540HM, LM-K410HM, LM-X540ZMW, LM-K525BMW, LM-X540BEW, LM-X540ZMW,

The following codes: LM-X410FC, LM-X410FO, LM-K410EMW, LM-K410BZMW, LM-K410FMW, LM-X410EO, LM-X410EOW, LM-X410FC, LM-X410FCW,

LM-Q310N, LM-Q510N, LM-Q520N, LM-K400AKR, K400AKR, LM-X410BTW, LM-K420YMW, LM-K420YM, LM-X430ZMW,

The following models are available: LM-X430HM, LM-X410BCW, LM-X420EM, LM-X420EMW, LM-K420BMW, LM-K500QN, LM-Q630BAW, LM-Q630EA, LM-Q630EAW,

LM-Q730HA, LM-Q630H, LM-Q630N, LM-Q630HA, LM-X120HN, LM-Q730QM, LM-Q730QN, LM-Q730BAW, Π

  • Upgrade Huawei Kirin and Address Issues – Models: Refer to the extensive inventory in the attached text.
  • Operations Supported for Huawei Kirin Models – Information Reading, Bootloader Unlocking, FRP Removal, Huawei ID Removal, Demo Removal, Oeminfo Repair,

Write, Read, and Backup OEM information

  1. Compatible with Huawei Kirin Models – (See the supplied text for a comprehensive list.)
  2. Accompanied MTK Models – (See the supplied text for a comprehensive list.)

  • Improve The Main Samsung/Xiaomi GUI And Add Several Functions For Both:

XIAOMI Main Page:

  • Add Operation in Services Main For Xiaomi Qualcomm Models – Super Xiaomi Now is Xiaomi Main Include it Sideload / Fastboot / Services Mains

🔶 Repairing Xiaomi IMEIs in Diag Mode => Enter IMEIs and MEIDs 

🔶 QCN Functions [Diag Mode] => To write or backup QCN using skip write IMEIs, use the Xiaomi Repair Network [Diag Mode] for all Xiaomi models. To enable Diag, use the ADB mode and enable both [No Root] and [With Root].

🔶 Reboot to Fastboot & Recovery in ADB Mode 

🔶 Reset EFS & Wipe EFS in ADB Mode

🔶 Reboot to EDL in TWPR Mode 

🔶 Reboot to Fastboot & Recovery in TWRP Mode 

🔶 Wipe, Backup, and Restore EFS in TWRP Mode

  • Add Support for Xiaomi Models’ Main Fastboot Mode Operation:

🔶 Read Information in Fastboot Mode with Xiaomi Fastboot Flasher

🔶 Reboot Edl in Fastboot Mode Using Fastboot

🔶 In Fastboot Mode, set Boot SlSlotsot A and B.

🔶 Resolve DM-Verity Inaccuracy in Fastboot Mode

🔶 Repair Fastboot/Bootloop [BETA] in Fastboot Mode

🔶Fastboot Mode: Remove FRP [MTK – Qualcomm]

🔶 Factory Reset in Fastboot Mode [MTK – Qualcomm]

🔶 In Fastboot Mode, reset your Mi Account (MTK – Qualcomm).

🔶 Clean EFS [MTK ] / [Qualcomm ] Models in Fastboot Mode

Main Samsung:-

  • Utilize the Same GUI to Add Samsung Flash Main Direct.
  • Include Samsung Operation Main Services in Download Mode:

🔷 Read Device Information in Download Mode

🔷 Read PIT 

🔷 Return From Download Mode To Normal

🔷 SAMSUNG MTK FRP [Installation Mode Direct] [Section 0/1] Format Factory Safe 2024

🔷 [Erase Userdata ] [Force Erasing] Straightforward in Download Mode

  • Include Samsung Operation Main Services [ADB / MTP]:

🔷 Reboot to enter the download mode [MTP]

🔷 Factory Reset [Use SetupWizard to do it] [ MTP ]

🔷 Modify CSC [ Modification of Carrier] [ADB] [ MTP ]

🔷 Take Out FRP [ADB]

🔷 Restore the IMEI [EFS Reset] [ADB]

🔷 Reboot for [ADB] Download

🔷 Restarting for Recovery [ADB]

  • Update The Loader For The Galaxy Note10 Plus [SM-N975U] To Support BIT 8.


Not Required EDL: Griffin-Unlocker V2024.01.16 makes unlocking easier by doing away with the need for Emergency Download Mode.

No Credit Required: Take pleasure in the liberty of unlocking your gadget without the burden of credits, guaranteeing an economical resolution.

No Server Requirement: Griffin-Unlocker functions autonomously, relieving users of server requirements for a smooth unlocking process.

No Code Necessary, Such as [#0#…etc]: Griffin-Unlocker simplifies the process with an easy-to-use one-click solution, so forget about complex codes.

Only in a single click Straight in MTP MODE: Easily unlock your Samsung mobile in MTP MODE with just one click.

Accept all versions of security patches: All security patch levels are supported by Griffin-Unlocker V2024.01.16, guaranteeing compatibility with a large variety of Samsung devices.

Examined Models:

Testing Of  The Griffin-Unlocker V2024.01.16 on several Samsung devices, including but not limited To:

  • (SM-F731U) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5
  • (SM-F721U) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • (SM-F711U) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G
  • (SM-F946U) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5
  • (SM-F936U) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • (SM-F926U) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung (SM-S918U)
  • Galaxy S23+ from Samsung (SM-S916U)
  • Galaxy S23 from Samsung (SM-S911U)
  • SM-S908U, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
  • SM-S901U, the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Samsung (SM-G998U)
  • Galaxy S21+ Plus from Samsung (SM-G996U)
  • Galaxy S21 5G from Samsung (SM-G991U)
  • Galaxy S21 FE 5G from Samsung (SM-G990U)
  • Galaxy S20+ 5G Samsung (SM-G986U)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Samsung (SM-G988U)
  • Note 20 Ultra 5G Samsung (SM-N986U)
  • Note20 5G Samsung Galaxy (SM-N981U)
  • Galaxy A51 (SM-A515U)
  • Galaxy A50 (SM-A505U) from Samsung
  • Galaxy A14 5G Samsung (SM-A146U)
  • Galaxy A13 from Samsung (SM-A135U)
  • Galaxy A03s from Samsung (SM-A037U)

What Has Recently Happened?

Griffin-Unlocker is a software program that gives users access to extra features and unlocks different smartphone devices. It can flash firmware, unbrick phones, FRP unlock, reset, and remove screen lock for MediaTek, Qualcomm, and SPD-based Android phones1. ³ .Supported device types include iOS and Android.

The capability of Griffin-Unlocker to unlock TECNO and Infinix phones’ MDM (Mobile Device Management) locks is one of its most intriguing capabilities. MDM locks are a security feature that can be turned on by the owner, the manufacturer, or the network provider that stop unauthorized access to the device. MDM locks provide the ability to remotely wipe data in the event of theft or loss, as well as restrict the access of specific apps, settings, or features on the phone.

With the release of version V2024.01.27, Griffin-Unlocker now offers a straightforward new way to remove MDM locks with just one click, devoid of test points or credit. Models of Infinix and TECNO with Unisoc/Spreadtrum or MTK (MediaTek) chipsets can use this strategy. The following is a list of supported models:

Models Of Infinix And TECNO Featuring MTK Chipsets

  • MT6765 [ PRELOADER Auth ]
  • MT6768 [ PRELOADER Auth ]
  • MT6761 [ PRELOADER Auth ]
  • MT6771 [ PRELOADER Auth ]
  • MT6893 [ PRELOADER Auth ]
  • MT6877 [ PRELOADER Auth ]
  • MT6833 [ PRELOADER Auth ]
  • MT6853 [ PRELOADER Auth ]
  • MT6877 [ BROM Auth ]
  • MT6885 [ BROM Auth ]
  • MT6739 [ BROM Auth ]
  • MT6755 [ BROM Auth ]
  • MT6761 [ BROM Auth ]
  • MT6763 [ BROM Auth ]
  • MT6765 [BROM Auth ]
  • MT6768 [BROM Auth ]
  • MT6771 [BROM Auth ]
  • MT6779 [BROM Auth ]
  • MT6781 [BROM Auth ]
  • MT6785 [BROM Auth ]
  • MT6797 [BROM Auth ]
  • MT6833 [BROM Auth ]
  • MT6853 [BROM Auth ]
  • MT6873 [BROM Auth ]

## Models Of Infinix And TECNO With Spreadtrum/Unisoc Chipsets

  • Tiger T310_64, 
  • Tiger T610_64, 
  • Tiger T612_64, 
  • Tiger T616_64, 
  • Tiger T606_64, 
  • Tiger T700_64 
  • are among the following: 
  • SC7731E, 
  • SC9832E, 
  • SC9863A, 
  • SC9863A_64.

Users must download Griffin-Unlocker V2024.01.27 from the official website, install it, and connect their phone to the computer using a USB cord to utilize this method. Next, customers must choose their phone’s model and chipset before pressing the “Remove MDM” option. In a matter of seconds, the software will identify the MDM lock automatically and remove it. After that, the phone will reboot without any MDM limitations.

Additionally, Griffin-Unlocker V2024.01.27 fixes several errors and improves the program’s stability and efficiency. For anyone looking to unlock and utilize the full capability of their TECNO or Infinix phone, this is a strong and trustworthy tool.

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Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32- and 64-bit) are the operating systems on which the utility functions flawlessly.

Make a Backup: Please make a backup of your personal information from your Android smartphone or tablet if you plan to use the aforementioned tool. Flashing any recovery or firmware could cause the device to brick.

Credits: The developer is responsible for creating and distributing Gryphon Unlocker. Thus, the creator deserves all the praise for freely providing the tool.

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