ADB Backup Restore Tool Firmware ROM Dump Hasan Techs 2024


ADB Backup Restore Tool Firmware ROM Dump Hasan Techs 2024

Data on your Android device may be backed up and restored with the help of the robust ADB Backup Restore Tool. It functions in root access permission mode via Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

ADB Backup Restore Tool Firmware ROM Dump

This application allows you to make “.IMG” files, which are ROM dumps. The operating system, applications, and user data on your device are all captured in these picture files.

Keep in mind that making a full ROM dump requires root access and knowledge of ADB commands.

ADB Backup Restore Tool Features:

Complete Firmware Backup

Consider snapping a full picture of your tablet or Android phone. That’s exactly what the ADB Backup Restore Tool does! It records everything, including data, settings, and applications, much like a digital photo. And it immediately saves this screen grab to your computer. You can thereby return your gadget to its original condition if something goes wrong.

Simple Backup and Restoration:

This instrument has an amiable look! It makes the process of backing up and restoring easier. You may quickly create a backup of your phone’s operating system, or ROM, or only certain portions of it, such as individual app data. It resembles having a digital life safety net.

Flash Expertly:

There are times when you want to make changes. You might want to play about with system files or try a custom ROM. You may do that with confidence thanks to the ADB Backup Restore Tool. It simplifies the process of flashing (installing) content on your device. No more palms getting sweaty while flashing!

Dividend Manager:

Consider your gadget as a puzzle consisting of various elements, or partitions. You have control over those parts with this tool. Just like when you rearrange the furniture in your space, you can easily handle them. Do you wish there was more room for apps? Completed! Do you need to arrange your storage? Easy as pie!

Looks Important:

This tool is not only clever but also gentle on the eyes. Its user interface (UI) is neat, well-organized, and aesthetically pleasant, much like a well-designed app. Therefore, you will have fun while working on important tech!

No Price Label

The finest aspect is that there will be no financial outlay for you! Free of cost is the ADB Backup Restore Tool. Yes, you read correctly. No hidden fees, no subscriptions. Like purchasing an upscale toolkit without having to spend a

How Do I Use It?

The Optimal Method for Android Device Backup:

  1. The ADB Backup Restore Tool can be downloaded and extracted.
  2. Launch the program and select “Read ALL.”
  3. Link your root-ed device to your PC and accept shell access prompts if they appear.
  4. Await the procedure’s conclusion. It can take up to 35 minutes for super partitions.

For experienced users only, Advanced Flashing:

  1. Use the tool’s “Read GPT” option.
  2. Find the image file by double-clicking the partition cell of your choice.
  3. Check “Flash Partition” by clicking on it.
  4. Restart your gadget.

Disclaimer: Flashing the wrong partition can destroy your device. Use this function only if you are an experienced user; use it at your own risk.

Download Link:

File Name: ADB Backup Restore Tool v1.0

Dimensions: 3.8 Megabytes

Downloaded: ADB Backup Restore Tool V1.0


Compatibility: Both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are compatible with this program.

Create a Backup: Please create a backup of the personal data on your Android tablet or smartphone before utilizing the previously described tool. Any firmware or recovery flash could cause the device to burn.

Credits: The developer built and released the ADB Backup Restore Tool. Therefore, the developer deserves all the credit for freely giving the technology.

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