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CPU : Name Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 3825U IP 1.90GHz GPU : VideoProcessor Intel® HD Graphics Family GPU RAM : AdapterRAM 1073741824 Hardware information… OEM ID: 0 Number of processors: 4 Page size: 4096 Processor type: 586 Minimum application address: 10000 Maximum application address: 7ffeffff Active processor mask: 15 Screen Size [768:1366} 

Disable Auth Vivo Nev SEC Readlnfo (FM) O Dump Preloader 0 Analyze Preloader O Analyze MTK DA 0 Crash Preloader To BRom Samsung Alt Enable Brom Port Samsung A72 Fix/Disable Brom Port Samsung Enable Brom By PGPT Samsung Fix/Disable Brom By File FRL-L22 Y9A DL to BRom O Huawei Fastboot To Upgrade 0 Huawei Normal To Upgrade O Generic ADS FRP Bypass O Vivo Demo Remove (AT) Vivo Demo Remove (MT6877T) Disable Payjoy APP (ADS) Read NVRAM (META) Write NVRAM (META) Wipe NVRAM (META) Wipe NVRAMNVOATA (MT) 

Unlock Network (META) 

, Read Adb Info Read Fastboot Info • Read META Info O Reboot META O Reboot Factory Mode O Reboot AT Mode O Reboot Fastboot ) Exit Fastboot Mode ) Xiaomi Enable Diag (A08) ) Intsall APK (Adb) O Generic Fastboot Factory Reset C) Generic Fastboot FRP Wipe O Extract Super IMG 

MediaTek Bypass Auth Tool MTK META Utility V40 :Fixed Samsung Download Mode to brom crash and added more models : such as A22, A13 5G. (TESTED) – (A32 5G) not confirmed …. added ability to select local PGPT file to perform the crash operation safely. How to create pgpt.bin : USE Samsung firmware extract button to make scatter from (tar firmware you need to select tar folder and should contain CSC_ package)

then : USE Scatter to PGPT option and select scatter from the created FW which you got from .tar file. V39 is working only with (A12,A03S) this version works with ALL, so please ignore the previous version and use this one.& The software is provided “as is”, without warranty

Write PART (META) 

Dump NV Regions (META) Dump USERAREA (META) Dump PGPT (META) Dump EXT_CSO (META) PGPT to Scatter Scatter to PGPT C EMMC Health Check (META) C Factory Reset – META Extract OFP (MTK • QCOM) C Factory Reset – META2 O Extract Samsung ROM (MTK) C Gen FRP Reset PKG (META) (0 Extract Huawei UPDATE (MTK) C Samsung Reboot to Download Mode Extract OnePlus ROM (.ops) C Samsung Read Info Download Mode Extract LG ROM (.kdz) Samsung Factory Reset (MTP) Extract RedMagic (payload.bin) Samsung Activate ADS (MTP) 

File Download:

File Name:- 

MTK Auth Bypass V40

File type:-compressed/Zip File

Download:::Link 2

Password = mtk_meta_utility

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