Miracle Ninja Box 1.48 Crack Powerful Version EMMC Repair Free Hasan Techs 2024


Miracle Ninja Box 1.48 Crack Free Hasan Techs 2024

If you are unable tocannot open Miracle Ninja Box or Easy Jtag, you can remove the previous installation of the tool and reinstall the setup that Gautam Kumar cracked. This will allow you to access Miracle Ninja Box and anyone else using it.

Note: If you have not linked the Miracle Ninja box or Easy Jtag box to the PC, the loader will not operate.

Features miracle ninja box:

Miracle Ninja Box

Powerful eMMC Repair Box

Version 1.48 (10th May 2022)

Miracle Ninja is Fastest, Cheapest Emmc IC Repair Box, Support eMMC

eMMC ISP 186/eMMC ISP 162, eMMC ISP 254, eMMC ISP 221 IC, ISP 153/eMMC ISP 169, Kind and simple to use.

  • Read/Write/Format Partition
  • Read/Write/Format Dump
  • Read/Write Boot1
  • Read/Write Boot2
  • Read/Write EXT CSD
  • Read/Write User Data
  • Read/Write GPP 1/2/3/4
  • Reset/FRP
  • Update Firmware
  • Work Via Test Point
  • Work with eMMC 4 in1 Socket

[X] Miracle Ninja eMMC Box Update Version 1.48

1. Improve MediaTek Factory Firmware (Scatter) Write (User Part)

2. Improve Read/Write/Format RPMB

3. Improve Write Custom CID

4. Improve Factory Firmware Analyze

5. Improve FRP for Samsung

6. Fix some bugs

NOTE: Please always use Miracle Ninja 2-in-1 Cable for VCC Power

How To Use?

  1. Initially, you must download the zip file using the URL below.
  2. Afterward, you may unzip every file on the C: drive (important)
  3. Before beginning the installation, make sure the antivirus has been turned off.
  4. After that, open the extract files folder and locate the but make sure all the drivers are loaded correctly and the box or module is linked to your computer.
  5. After starting “MiracleNinja Loader.exe,”

    if you have already installed any drivers, you can install them all. omit this step.

  6. Link the phone and attempt to use any feature.
  7. Enjoy !!!

Download Links:

Miracle Ninja Box 1.48 Crack+Loader: Download (No password-protected file)


Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 32- and 64-bit versions are compatible with the software without any issues.

Create a Backup: Please create a backup of the personal data on your Android tablet or smartphone before utilizing the previously stated tool. Any firmware or recovery flash could cause the device to burn.

Credits: The developer is the one who creates and distributes Miracle Ninja Box. As a result, the creator should take full credit for sharing the technology.

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